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Why October CMS?

11 months ago

October is an open-source and self-hosted modern Content Management System (CMS) build on the most popular framework (Laravel) for the most popular programming language on the internet (PHP).

Why a website?

11 months ago

Today, the chances of finding a unicorn are greater than those of finding a company that is not online. Companies can be active online in many different ways (social-media, portals, ...), but the corporate homepage remains your online headquarters.

Animate Pro plugin

11 months ago

With my new Animate Pro plugin you can create character animations in SVG.

Why a themeclub?

1 year ago

My new themclub is live! Well designed themes are the basis of faster, cheaper and better webdesign.

Bob theme
Bob theme

1 year ago

A great new theme if you are looking to incorparate SVG animations to illustrate your website.

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